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Anime Weekend in Atlanta

November 4, 2015

Kameron Jay in his cosplay

Kameron Jay in his cosplay

Kameron Jay in his cosplay


Katherine in her cosplay

Katherine in her cosplay

There are students that go to various conventions. One of the conventions that a few students visited recently was AWA. This anime convention lasts four days and is a fun way for people to express their interests and meet new people.

          AWA (Anime Weekend in Atlanta) took place  on the 24th through the 28th of September. There are many things to do at AWA. You can go to the artist alley where you can find handmade and original works from artists of all kinds! You can find it all, from fan art to custom jewelry. There is analog gaming as well, you choose from a variety of table top games and tournaments. One of the most well-known things is cosplaying. When you cosplay at a convention it means you dress up like a character and basically try your best to be like them. Some people go just to check out cool cosplays or to show off their own. Kameron Jay is a 9th grader that went to the convention. He said that he was very excited to go to this convention and it was better than what he could’ve hoped for. He said that he even got to get merchandise from the dealer’s room. The dealer’s room is where people go to get almost everything from t-shirts and costumes to figurines and posters. There are many different anime/Japanese items located there that can be purchased.

          Katherine Hinton went to AWA with a few friends from school. She said that this is the first time she has ever gone and that it was also her first time cosplaying. She believes that going to conventions such as this allows you to get out of your comfort zone a little and enjoy yourself. She got to meet a famous cosplayer as well while she was there. She spent her time roaming the dealer’s room on a prowl for some merchandise and hunting for panels to attend. Panels are separate events based on specific Japanese topics. There are so many things to choose from.

          Conventions aren’t just for kids, parents and other adults attend as well. There is so much in store for those who take the time to go to Atlanta and enjoy themselves. Tina Sigg is a parent of a student that attended the con and took her daughter and a few of her daughters friends. She said that she finds the creativity to be amazing. It gives individuals the opportunity to show their own personal creativity, it also allows people to meet other individuals with the same interests and to experience new interests through others and their creativity. She did not participate in any official anime convention activities. However, she is very involved with helping her child and her friends with costumes in preparation for the convention and during the convention.

          Christina McDuffie, a parent that attended the convention, took her kids and a few family friends and they all enjoyed the events together. She said that her kids enjoy spending time together and that anime is something that they just all have interest in. she finds it important to get out of your personal bubble and do something fun. She believes it to be good to have interests and to be open with them and to further explore them. She claims to have had an outstanding time to see her kids do new things.

          AWA is the largest anime convention in all of southeast. It celebrates Japanese anime (animation), manga (comics), cosplay (costumes), and culture. There are many other types of conventions and they take place at different times and areas. However, AWA was a considered to be amazing by those who attended. They all mentioned going again sometime. These students are setting an example for others to do what they enjoy and to be proud by doing so.

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  1. Amanda Sigg on November 6th, 2015 1:13 pm

    This is awesome! Conventions are a lot of fun 😀


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