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Well Hello There!

Bre Harris, Staff

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I’m not sure what made you decide to click on this very article, but I will say this. YOU JUST MADE THE BEST DECISION OF YOUR LIFE. “Why?” you’re probably asking yourself. Well because, you’ve just entered my blog! My name’s Breniah Harris and I am a senior at Greenbrier High School. Considering you’ve already clicked on my blog I guess we’re practically friends, right? I feel like we are, so in that case you can just call me Bre (:

At school you will most likely see me hanging around the Tech hall in room 302 helping out Mrs. Lamar. Or, you can probably catch me at the front of the cafeteria during your lunch period promoting an event for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Oh yeah did I mention I’m President of FBLA? No? I probably should’ve done that earlier, oh well! I’m President of FBLA.

As I mentioned earlier I am a senior at Greenbrier which means like most of my fellow senior classmates, I will be completing a senior project, whoo! I know, I know, what does that have to do with you? In all actuality, it has a lot to do with you, the reader, because my entire senior project is going to revolve around this blog and those who read it…aka you again. Round of applause and much fanfare for you!! Yay you! Basically, the topic of my senior project is financial planning and I have decided to use the knowledge I’ve acquired from my many mentor hours and the great research I have conducted to help you guys, the students of Greenbrier, to the best of my ability.

Last week, I walked the halls stopping people dead in their tracks to see what their biggest issues were when it came to money and finances in general. Of the majority, most mentioned to me how hard it is to find a good job in town and how difficult it can be to save money when they do have it. I found this to be pretty interesting, so from there I was off to my laptop and notebook. For the next few months I will be posting articles with helpful solutions to your guys’ problems.  My next entry will be about how to find a job, some jobs available in town and who to contact if you’re interested, so keep a lookout for it!

Bre  ✌




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2 Responses to “Well Hello There!”

  1. kali on February 9th, 2016 11:54 am

    this is a lovely waste of your time. just kidding. this is fantastic!


    Breniah Harris Reply:

    You’re fantastic! (:


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Well Hello There!